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The OHAUS Travelerâ„¢ Series was designed with a unique draftshield that offers weigh-thru capability while being used and ‘stackability’ when being stored! With the right combination of performance and features, the Travelerâ„¢ is great value for your basic weighing applications.




Display LCD
Operation Mains (included), optional battery with programmable Auto Shut-Off
Communication Optional RS232 or USB interface with cable
Construction ABS plastic with stainless steel pan
Design Features
Unique Weigh-thru draftshield designed with an easy to remove centre piece that provides protection from rough environments while maintaining weighing speed, designed to stack, shipping lock, calibration lock, fixed integral weigh below hook, calibration weight supplied with 150g and 300g models


Photo Model Code Item Nr. Capacity Readability Platform
Battery dry
Test Weight
TA152 80251648 150g 0.01g 120mm X 150g, OIML F2 or ASTM CL 4
TA302 80251649 300g 0.01g 120mm X 300g, OIML F2 or ASTM CL 4
TA301 80251650 300g 0.1g 120mm X 300g, OIML F2 or ASTM CL 4
TA501 80251651 500g 0.1g 120mm X 500g, OIML F2 or ASTM CL 4
TA1501 80251652 1500g 0.1g 120x135mm X 1500g, OIML F2 or ASTM CL 4
TA3001 80251653 3000g 0.1g 120x135mm X 3000g, OIML F2 or ASTM CL 4
TA5000 80251655 5000g 1g 120x135mm X 5000g, OIML F2 or ASTM CL 4
TA502 80251959 500g 0.01g 120mm X 500g, OIML F2 or ASTM CL 4