Swift™ MiniPro Thermal Cyclers
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Swift MiniPro Thermal Cycler is the Esco's 2nd Generation Desirable Personal Thermal Cyclers, which has outstanding ramp rates of up to 5 °C; they are one of the fastest personal thermal cyclers on the world market today. 

Esco Swift MiniPro thermal cycler has a large, graphical LCD screen displays all information on one screen. Intuitive, graphical programming ensures ease of use. Superior temperature performance and an attractive price make the Swift MiniPro one of the best-value personal thermal cycler. Swift MiniPro designed to meet a variety of critical experimental requirements, such as Touch down PCR, Time release PCR and others to achieve and maintain performance precise control and fast ramp rates with minimal over or under-shoot for process speed and accuracy. 

Key Benefits:
  • Excellent Temperature Uniformity
  • Convenience
  • Stability 

Excellent Temperature Uniformity

Unique temperature control technology guarantees extremely uniform temperature between central and edge wells. Block temp. uniformity is <0.3°C.
High Temperature Precision
The best Peltier components with precision control technology provide highest temperature accuracy. Block temp. accuracy is <0.3°C.
Outstanding Ramp Rate
Fastest Aluminum block has incredible thermal conductivity properties that enable superb heating and cooling capability, which can only be provided by gold block of other brands. High ramp rate of up to 5.0°C / sec.

Compact Footprint
User-friendly ergonomic design, small footprint to conserve available bench top space. Light weight of 3.2 kg only.
Convenient Setup, Fast Run
Pre-programmed methods are available for your convenience or you can enter thermal cycling values to program your own methods.
Friendly Interface
Large screen shows all information on one page. Easy, graphical programming for temperature, holding time, ramp rate, pause and other functions ensures intuitive operation.
Adjustable Hot Lid
Prevents reagents from evaporating. Hot lid height is adjustable to suit all kinds of tubes.
Adjustable Ramp Rate
High ramp rate of up to 5.0°C/ sec. Suits all reagents. Allows protocols to be transferred from other cyclers.

Robust Security
Automatic restart saves setpoints and guarantees successful PCR cycling in the event of power interruption.
Long Warranty Period, Peace of Mind
The Peltier module, electronics and sensors are precision tuned and tested to ensure the longest operating lifespan possible. Backed by an industry leading 3 year warranty for main body, 2 year warranty for block
Certified Quality
CE & EMC Certificate
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General Specifications, Swift MiniPro Thermal Cycler
Block CodeSWT-MIP-0.2-*SWT-MIP-0.5-*
Sample Capacity24 x 0.2 mL18 X 0.5 mL
Applicable Consumables0.2 mL tubes, 3 X 8 strips, 24-well microplates0.5 mL tubes
Max. Heating Rate5.0°C / sec4.0°C / sec
Max. Cooling Rate4.0°C / sec3.0°C / sec
Temperature Uniformity±0.3°C
Temperature Accuracy±0.3°C
Temperature Range4°C - 99°C
Hot lid Temp. range30°C - 110°C
Temp. Control ModeBlock mode or tube mode
DisplayGraphical LCD
Protocol Capacity100 protocols
PC InterfaceRS232 for software updates
Dimension (W x D x H)212 × 297 × 200 mm (8.3" × 11.7" × 7.9")
Weight3.2 kg (7 lbs)
Electrical100-240VAC 50/60Hz 200W
Warranty3 years for main body, 2 years for blocks