Stereo Microscope Illumination

Model  :  CL-150
Product Name  :  Cold Light Source
Description  :  CL-150 Cold Light Source adopts streamline design and is easy to carry and operate. Cold Light Source has high intensity fiber optic illumination and also allow you to adjust the twin-arm light guide to best possible viewing position. CL-150 is also designed to obstruct infrared rays and reduce high temperature of lamp. It is widely used in electric biology, agricultural science, and clinical medicine research.
Model  :  FRL-8
Product Name  :  Fluorescent Ring Illuminator
Description  :  When you observe some object by using reflected light source, it may sometimes produce shadows.
FRL-8 Fluorescent Ring Illuminator can supply even illumination and avoid the above situation.
At the same time, Fluorescent Ring Illuminator will not produce high temperature for protection of your specimen from damage by heat.