Rotator Shaker

Digital Rotator DSR-2800D
Model  :  DSR-2100D/DSR-2800D
Product Name  :  Digital Rotator
Description  :  It is a VDRL Rotator.
Flat Rotator is widely used in VDRL, RPR and EIA tests.
Flat Rotator is equipped with digital display to indicate present speed and the remaining time.
Rotator DSR-2800P
Model  :  DSR-2100P/DSR-2800P
Product Name  :  Rotator
Description  :  Flat Rotator are widely used in VDRL, RPR and EIA test.
Flat Rotator with simple design to save your cost.
Model  :  SR-100
Product Name  :  Suspension Rotator
Description  :  Suspension Rotator SR-100 is widely used in hematology, chemistry, research, and bacteriology laboratories. 3D gyratory movement provides consistently uniform specimen quality in one minutes.
Model  :  PR-2 / PR-4 / PR-6 / PR-8
Product Name  :  Platelet Rotator
Description  :  Platelet Rotators are widely used in blood banks.
Model  :  PS-48 / PS-96
Product Name  :  Platelet Shaker
Description  :  Platelet Shaker is widely used in blood banks.
Model  :  OS-500
Product Name  :  Orbital Shaker
Description  :  Orbital Shaker OS-500 can load heavy objects for long time use.
Model  :  PS-600T
Product Name  :  Blood Pipette Shaker
Description  :  Blood Pipette Shaker PS-600T is an electric vibrator for blood diluting pipettes which provides an uniform mixing of the chemicals with blood to be tested due to its controlled agitation.