RANKEM Buffer & lon Pairing Reagents for HPLC

Features and Benefits of Ion Paring Reagents

RANKEM offers an extensive range of typically used alkylsulfonate IPC reagents with outstanding
quality. Each product is tested against strict specifications to ensure the reproducibility, reliability and accuracy of the analysis.

  • Lowest UV absorption even at high concentrations : RANKEM IPC reagents have very low UV absorption down to 200nm even at high concentration.
  • Very low content of insoluble matter
  • Best performance in gradient HPLC : RANKEM IPC reagents are best suited for gradient
    HPLC as they show only little base line shift in the gradient run.
  • Improves Reproducibility : The concentration of the ion pair reagent in the mobile phase plays an important role in the separation of complex mixtures. A slight change of concentration by 10-20% can alter the retention time which can lead to inconsistently resolved overlapping peaks. With RANKEM IPC reagents you can make the preparation of the mobile phase with the desired concentration much more straightforward, and therefore improves the reproducibility of the method.
  • Pack Sizes : IPC is becoming more and more popular as the method of choice for the separation of polar and ionic mixtures;RANKEM offers larger pack sizes to help customers to reduce cost in use and save time by eliminating unnecessary method validation due to lot change of the ion pair reagent.