Optical system CFI optical system
Magnification 40–1500x
Illumination 6V-20W halogen lamp,
FL (field lens) unit,
lamp changeable by removing the field lens unit
Coarse and fine focusing Coaxial coarse/fine focusing with cross roller guide incorporated, 22mm coarse/fine focusing range,
Coarse motion: 37.7mm/rotation, Fine motion: 0.2mm/rotation with 2µm scale increments, Coarse motion torque adjustable
Eyepiece tube E2-TB binocular tube (inclination: 30º, 360º rotatable Siedentopf-type, interpupillary distance: 47–75mm)
E2-TF trinocular tube F (2-way, inclination: 30º, 360º rotatable Siedentopf-type, interpupillary distance: 47–75mm)
Eyepiece lens
(with rubber eye guard)
E1-CFI 10x (F.O.V.: 18mm), CFI E 15x (F.O.V.: 12mm)
Condenser Abbe condenser, NA 1.25 (aperture diaphragm with position guide marking for respective objectives),
33mm-diameter filters attachable (including standard blue filter)
Nosepiece Quadruple click-stop, revolving mechanism with multiple ball bearings, elastic nosepiece grip-ring
Dedicated objectives CFI BE Plan Achromat 4x (NA 0.1/W.D. 25mm), 10x (NA 0.25/W.D. 6.7mm), 20x (NA 0.4/W.D. 3.7mm), 40x (NA 0.65/W.D. 0.6mm), 60x (NA 0.8/W.D. 0.24mm), 100x (NA 1.25/W.D. 0.14mm), DL10x (NA 0.25/W.D. 6.7), DL40x (NA 0.65/W.D. 0.6), DL100x (NA 1.25/W.D. 0.14)
Stage Double-plate rectangular mechanical stage, stage size: 155 (W) x 134 (D)mm, removal slide holder, travel area: 76 (W) x 40 (D)mm, vernier provided
Substage Adjustable vertical condenser movement range: 10mm
Optional accessories Phase contrast attachment (dedicated Abbe condenser, sliders, objectives (10x, 40x, 100x), GIF filter, phase centering telescope), object marker, darkfield ring unit, mirror unit, cord hanger, storage case
Power consumption 50W
Weight Approx. 7.3kg