MS4s : The analyser that fits all your needs


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  • Only a drop of whole blood
  • 18 parameters with 3-part-differential and 22 parameters with 5-part-differential
  • WBC; Lym (%,#); Mon (%,#); Gra (%,#); RBC; Hb; Hct; MCV; MCHC; MCH; RDW; THR; MPV; PCT; PDW with 3-part-diff; + Eo (%,#); Neu (%,#); Ba (%); RRG with 5-part-diff
  • 3 histograms with 3-part-diff, +1 with 5-part-diff
  • RBC, WBC, THR, +Eo (with 5-part-diff)
  • Pre-programmed digital data banks :
  • Male, Female, Child, New-Born
  • 1 control blood bank and 2 programmable banks on request
  • Up to 100 analysis in safeguard memory
  • Built-in thermal printer and colour display
  • 3-part-diff / 5-part-diff select button
  • optional cap piercing
Thanks to the MS4s, you can choose the most adapted type of blood count. You can select for each patient :
  • Either a 3-part-differential blood cell count within 50s
  • Or a  complete 5-part-differential blood cell count within 85s.