Himedia Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of products for microbiology, parasitology, immunology, serology and virology. Our customers include clinical, industrial, research and academic laboratories around the world. Our network of regional and international distributors permits rapid response to meet the needs of those customers.

Himedia Laboratories was founded in 1973 as a small, regional manufacturer of prepared culture media. Over the past 28 years, we have added many diverse products, moving us into our current position as a full-service supplier for several disciplines in the laboratory. Our catalog now includes microbial identification systems, quality control organisms, stains, reagents, dehydrated culture media, prepared media and diagnostic test kits, including EIA test kits and slide agglutination kits. Himedia Laboratories encourages inquiries for products not listed in the catalog. In addition, we welcome requests for products made to your specific formulation and/or packaging requirements.

Himedia Laboratories is counted amongst the world's few companies possessing the high-tech know-how for manufacturing Microbiological Culture Media. Himedia has developed and introduced over 3000 microbiology products using its own proprietary technology and know-how. Himedia products are available and used in almost all parts of the world and compete favourably with other products of international repute.