Glass fiber filters

Safe filtration of aggressive liquids

Glass fiber filters are widely applicable in many fields of labratory use due to the exceptionally good resistance to most organic and inorganic solvents. They allow a fast filtration with simultaneous high particle retention and good loading capacity.

Glass fiber filter paper grades

  MN GF-1 This binder free paper offers fine particle retention, high flow rate and good loading capacity. It is used for high efficiency labratory filtration as well as air sampling.
  MN GF-2 This binder free paper is three times thicker than GF-1. It offers higher wet strength and higher loading capacity. It is used where solutions heavily loaded with fine particles need to be clarified.
  MN GF-3 Slightly more retentive than MN GF-1 this binder free paper is used for the collection of suspended solids in potable water as well as natural and industrial waste in many parts of the world.
  MN GF-4 This binder free paper is thick and has a high loading capacity and wet strength. It can be used as a prefilter for membranes.
  MN GF-5 This binder free paper retains very fine particles. It can be used for the successful clarification of biochemical solutions.
  MN GF-6 Binder free glass fiber filter
  MN 85/70 This is a general purpose glass fiber filter with organic binder. It is stabel up to 200 °C. Thickness and weight are lower than for MN 85/90
  MN 85/70 BF This binder free glass fiber filter has a lower thickness and weight than MN 85/90 BF.
  MN 85/90 Most widely used general purpose glass fibre filter with very good mechanical stability. The filter contains an organic binder and is stable up to 200 °C.
  MN 85/90 BF Binder free filter paper for difference weight analysis. This paper is especially used in water treatment facilities for example for the determination of undissolved solids.
  MN 85/220 Thick glass fiber filter with organic binder. Stable up to 200 °C
  MN 85/220 BF Thick, binder free glass fiber filter for temperatures up to 500 °C.