• This pipette is built to last. Making no compromise on quality in product development, raw materials used and manufacturing processes we developed the greenest pipette available on the market. The ecopipette is not only packaged using recyclable, biodegradable materials, but constructed from some of the most renewable durable resources available to ensure an advanced life span and greenest after service recycling.
• Capp ecotrade™ program: Return any brand of old pipettes in exchange for discounted new ecopipettes™. At Capp ApS, we will ensure an environmentally safe waste discharge of all old pipettes. Ask  your favourite authorized Capp distributor for more information about our ecotrade™ programme.

Cat No Description Inaccuracy % Imprecision % Color
C02-1S Capp pipette, variable vol. 0.2-2 ul, ecopipette 12.00 /2.00 6.00 /1.00 violet
C10-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 0.5-10 ul, ecopipette 2.50 /1.00 1.80 /0.50 white
C20-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 2-20 ul, ecopipette 5.00 /1.00 1.50 /0.30 gray
C50-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 5-50 ul, ecopipette 2.00 /1.00 1.20 /0.30 red
C100-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 10-100 ul, ecopipette 2.00 /0.70 0.80 /0.20 orange
C200-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 20-200 ul, ecopipette 1.50 /0.60 0.50 /0.15 yellow
C1000-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 100-1000 ul, ecopipette 1.50 /0.80 0.40 /0.15 blue
C5000-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 1000-5000 ul, ecopipette 1.20 /0.60 0.30 /0.15 green
Starter Pack
Cat No Description
SKE-03-XX Three pipettes free of choice, stand, racks of tips and timer


C-01 Modular Linear stand C100-1 Ecopipette Fixed controller for C50 Ecopipette Line Exchanable volume knobs
S-06 Carosel stand for 6 pipettes