Biological Microscope


Infinity corrected optical system and Plan series objectives produce high quality images.


The dedicated Plan series objectives yield flat and sharp images right up to the periphery of the viewfield. With phase contrast and darkfield in addition to brightfield observations possible as well as image capture, this compact model is the perfect choice for educational usage and clinical laboratory inspections.


Plan series objective lenses for flat images

The dedicated plan series 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x, 100x (Oil) objective lenses feature superior image flatness. Chromatic aberration and field curvature are corrected over the entire viewfield.


Trinocular eyepiece tube allows image capturing

Either a binocular tube or a trinocular tube to which a digital camera can be attached can be selected. Both tubes have an eyepiece lens inclination of 30º, which allows for comfortable viewing. The eyepoint height can be adjusted by up to 34mm and the interpupillary distance and diopter can be changed to accommodate a wide range of operators.


Coaxial coarse/fine focus knob

The coaxial coarse/fine focus knob and the stage handle are located equidistant from the operator, so comfortable operation in a natural posture is possible even during a prolonged period of observation. The torque of the coarse focus knob is adjustable.

Comparison of the positions of the stage handle and focus control knob

Phase contrast attachment

With an optional condenser, objectives and sliders dedicated for phase contrast and darkfield observation, even an unstained specimen that is colorless and transparent can be observed with clear contrast.


Condenser with position guide markings

The condenser comes with aperture stop position guide markings for each objective magnification to make operations quick and easy.



■The smooth rotation quadruple nosepiece has a click-stop mechanism.
A knurled elastic covered grip provides easy rotation and eliminates the need to touch the objectives.


■A built-in double-plate mechanical stage provides smooth XY dual travel control.
The large, flat surface facilitates easy specimen handling.



■Replacing the powerful long life 6V-20W halogen lamp is easy, and so is replacing the optional mirror unit that eliminates the need for an illuminator.


■Anti-mold design prevents mold forming in high-humidity environments.


■A cord hanger and storage case are optionally available.