Dry Solvents

RANKEM range of DRYSOLV (Dry Solvents ) for organic synthesis offer Quality, Reliability and Sustainability

The product is processed through

  • Most advanced distillation techniques.
  • The strictest control over water content by Karl fischer colometric method.
  • Series of on- line tests.

Shelf life is prolonged by

  • Packing in the inert environment.
  • Use of preconditioned glass bottles which are designed to prevent any risk of cross contamination
  • The use self sealing screw cap with innovative aluminum coated cork to ensure that low water content is maintained.

Best suited for

  • Organic synthesis
    • Grinard ; Hydrogenation
    • Nucleotide synthesis
    • Protection of functional group
  • Analysis
    • Karl Fischer
    • Derivatization in GC
    • Non aqueous titrations