Defender 5000 Washdown Pallet Scales

High quality stainless steel pallet scale with multifunctional T51XW

  • Weighing (6 units + custom unit)
  • display hold
  • dynamic weighing
  • counting
  • checkweighing
  • % weighing
  • auto-tare
  • Gram
  • Kilogram
  • Ounce
  • Pound
  • Pound:Ounce
  • Metric Tonnes
  • Custom
The Ohaus VF Pallet Series is a cost-competitive lineup of painted mild steel and stainless steel U-frame platform scales that do not compromise on quality. Its high-quality German-engineered construction with stainless steel IP68 hermetically sealed load cells ensure durability and reliability that will withstand years of daily usage in industrial environments. Scales with 2nd stage approvability provide consistent and accurate weighing results. The Ohaus VF Pallet Series offers a unique combination of affordability and quality that your company can depend on for years and years.




Display LCD display with white LED backlight plus 3 color checkweigh LED.
Operation Internal universal power supply or optional internal NiMH rechargeable battery (battery is delivered separately on approved version)
Communication RS232 Interface with GMP, Time-Date, optional RS422/485, AC/DC Relay, 2nd RS232
Construction P66 stainless steel indicator, stainless steel U-frame; IP67 stainless steel junction box, IP68 OIML R60 Stainless steel load cells
Design Features
Pendulum design feet with removable rubber cap


Photo Model Code Item Nr. Capacity Readability Platform
Legal for Trade
Rechargeable Battery
Verification Intervale IP and NEMA Rating Test Weight
VFSP-60051XW 22018760 600kg 100g 1256x840x78mm X X 6000kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL 2
VFSP-150051XW 22018761 1500kg 200g 1256x840x78mm X X 1500kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL 2
VFSP-60051XWM 22018762 600kg 200g 1256x840x78mm X X 200 g X 6000kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL 2
VFSP-150051XWM 22018763 1500kg 500g 1256x840x78mm X X 500 g X 1500kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL 2