Defender™ 3000

The best selling modular scale for basic industrial needs

  • Weighing (5 units)
  • basic parts counting
  • Gram
  • Kilogram
  • Ounce
  • Pound
  • Pound:Ounce
Defender 3000 Series Bench Scales are easy to use, reliable and affordable scales that are ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications in production, packaging, and shipping and receiving areas.




Display LCD with white LED backlight
Operation AC adaptor (supplied) or internal rechargeable battery
Communication RS232 interface
Construction ABS Indicator, 304 grade stainless steel platform pan with black painted steel tubular frame, IP67 aluminium load cell, painted steel column and wall bracket included
Design Features
Reversible rear cover for cable exit above or below the indicator housing, integrated key-hole mounts on back cover, non-slip rubber feet, platform with 5 or 6 point overload stops for 125% safe overload protection


PhotoModel CodeItem Nr.CapacityReadabilityPlatform
Legal for Trade
Battery dry
Rechargeable Battery
Verification IntervaleTest Weight
D31P30BR8025048530kg (60lb)5g (0.01lb)355x305mmXX30kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
D31P60BR8025048660kg (150lb)10g (0.02lb)355x305mmXX60kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
D31P60BL8025048760kg (150lb)10g (0.02lb)550x420mmXX60kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
D31P150BL80250488150kg (300lb)20g (0.05lb)550x420mmXX150kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
D31P150BX80250489150kg (300lb)20g (0.05lb)650x500mmXX150kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
D31P300BX80250490300kg (600lb)50g (0.1lb)650x500mmXX300kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
D31P30BR-M8025049130kg10g355x305mmXXX10 g30kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
D31P60BR-M8025049260kg20g355x305mmXXX20 g60kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
D31P60BL-M8025049360kg20g550x420mmXXX20 g60kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
D31P150BL-M80250494150kg50g550x420mmXXX50 g150kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
D31P150BX-M80250495150kg50g650x500mmXXX50 g150kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
D31P300BX-M80250496300kg100g650x500mmXXX100 g300kg, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F