CAPP is ISO 9001:2000 certified and takes global warming and our impact on the environment seriously.

CAPP Environmental Policy

  • Implement and maintain an Environmental Management System to meet the
    requirements of ISO 14001:2004.

  • Meet all environmental legislation and regulations, and to be in the
    forefront of environmental thinking prior to it becoming legislation.

  • Introduce and maintain a pipette trade-in and return scheme which will
    ensure control of environmentally safe waste discharge of our products.

  • Ensure that all packaging and printed material is made from recycled or
    recyclable material, and that protective stuffing is shredded paper rather
    than polystyrene chips.

  • Take the environmental aspect into consideration when deciding on the
    materials being used in the manufacture of our products.

  • Aim towards the paperless office, reducing the use of paper to a minimum.

  • Become CO2 neutral by purchasing CO2 quotes.

  • Use of green energy from wind turbines.

  • Seek to continually improve upon our environmental performance.