“The Commitment to Higher Value” has always being and continues to be BioCARE’s primary principle since 1997. BioCARE Corporation focuses itself on design, manufacture and support to the medical diagnostic equipment and device. With its solid foundation, BioCARE brings endless effort to comply in this highly regulated industry and market. This is the commitment not only to BioCARE itself, to its product and of all, to its value customer.
At BioCARE has two manufacturing sites, at Taiwan and at Suzhou City, China. Both sites are certified factory by ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA registered and Japan MHLW; GMP in Taiwan. Production capacity up to 50,000 devices or 1,000 equipments to satisfies its partner from small to large. BioCARE also has its own temperature control room for 42 degree Celsius burn-in test at both sites to test quality of product.
Service in BioCARE takes a great deal of parts for interrelationship with its partner. From the beginning of a dream, idea development, product pilot-run, mass production and EOL after service, BioCARE is always there with its partner and its product.
With BioCARE’s fundamental value build on “The Commitment of Higher Value”, BioCARE takes great responsibility to demand itself, not only to quality of its product, and also extending spirit to co-work with its partner for better business.