PG 990 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer


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-The flame and graphite furnace is integrated into one instrument.
The change over from one technique to another is carried out by
simple keystrokes within the software.

-The instruments have a motorised 8 hollow cathode lamp turret
which allows the automatic positioning and optimisation of each
hollow cathode lamp by the software.

-The control of the gas flows for the fuel gas (C2H2) and the positioning of the burner is also carried out directly from the software thus allowing optimisation of the instruments for the best analytical
parameters for a selected analysis.

-Two methods of background correction are available. The first
utilises a deuterium lamp and the second is the proven method of
self reversal.

-The location of the wavelength and peak selection is automatic and
controlled from the software.
The spectral bandwidth is automated and is available with a choice
of five slit sizes.

Thanks to the MS4s, you can choose the most adapted type of blood count. You can select for each patient :
  • Either a 3-part-differential blood cell count within 50s
  • Or a  complete 5-part-differential blood cell count within 85s.