Touch Screen LCD
Menu driven 8” large color touch LCD for convenient operation Display the real view of the test strip image during operation.
Cassette room
Double-sealed Super Cassette for extended on-board stability
Various interfaces such as 4 USB,RS232C, serial interface ,2 PS/2, parallel, Ethernet Easy intergration into the lab and hospital network system.
Urine sample rack
Capable of loading up to 100 samples at once
STAT Position
Enable to test urgent sample during normal operation
Refractometer & Turbidimeter
with CCD Camera
Built-in refractometer for specific gravity and turbidimeter for turbidity.
Syringe pump
Adoption of high performance syringe pump for precise sample treatment.
Intergrated barcode reader for
sample ID
Sampling area
Quick and easy sample operation by built-in liquid level sensor
Easy handling of urine analysis regent
Accurate and reliable performance by using proven URiSCAN test strips
Load 400 tests at one time using ready-to-use Super Strip Cassette
Double-sealed Super Strip Cassette for extended on-board stability
Unique cassette type reagent supply system simplifies loading and operaion
Continuous reagent roll offers high reliability of srtip transport
Load the maximum of 400 tests at once for optimized reagent replacement time
Cassette type reagent format minimizes handling time
This system easily intergration into the lab and hospital network system via Ehternet.
Using sysmex 10-Position rack ensures easy lab intergration
Friendly graphic user interface for easy operation
Color LCD touch screen with freindly GUI makes the analyzer ease of use, quick and convenient.
- Technical Specifications
Dimension 536mm(M) X 664.2mm(D) X 518mm(H)
Weight 50 Kg
Rated voltage 110~240V (50/60Hz)
Rated power 636W
Storage conditions Temperature : 5~40
Humidity : 10~85%
Measurement method Test type : reflectance photometers + CCD camera image capture
Test velocity : 260 tests/hour
Test cycle : 14 Seconds
Memory capacity : More than 1,000,000 Patient test results 500 control results
Sensor : Camera+CCD color image sensor
Light sourcs : LED
Result display 8.4” LCD color touch screen, Resolutions : 800 X 600 (True Color)
Reagent volume 400 samples
Reagent volume Racks
Sample loading capacity Up to 100 samples at one time(up to 10 racks)
Stat sample Hanling 1 stat in the rack
Interface Ethenet - direct connection to network, USB external memory card, etc
Parrallel communication - External printer, Serial communicaton - Hosts computer, PS/2 - Barcode, Keyboard, Mouse, etc
Operating conditions Temperature : 15~30
Humidity : 20~80%
Approval CE