MS9-3 : A powerful and compact 3-part differential analyzer


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  • Blood sample volume : 15 to 50 µl Programmable dilution rate
  • 25 parameters with 3-part differential :
  • WBC; Lym (%,#); Mon (%,#); Gr (%,#); RBC; Hb; MCV; Hct; MCH; MCHC; RDW-CV; RDW-SD; µRBC%; MacroRBC%; THR; MPV; Pct; PDW; Mode; Median; µTHR%; MacroTHR%
  • 3 histograms :
  • WBC, RBC and PLT
  • Digital pre-programmed banks :
  • Male, Female, New-Born
  • 1 control bank and up to 200 digital programmable banks
  • 3-level control blood management program
The MS9-3-part-differential is issued from the latest technological innovations brought to the MS9 model sold by thousands of units all over the world. The MS9-3 combines performance and efficiency. Fully automatic, the Windows® application now available in the MS9-3 allows in addition a more user-friendly interface, a greater flexibility and a compatibility with all kinds of applications and printers.